Have You Read Them Yet?

Dear friends and fellow readers,

This post attempts at being a collection rather a recollection of some of my most appreciated stories. No prizes for guessing it will comprise a list of must reads, recommended by yours truly.

The recommendations will be commensurate to the long running theme of this endeavor Ditch the Niche and attention will be given to provide the readers a varied range of subject matter to choose from. From a slice of life story to an advice on writing, from economics to politics, from travel to sports… You will have a gamut of options to choose from.

It goes without saying that the reading list given below will be updated on a regular basis, as frequently as humanly possible.

The Top 5 Must Reads

I’m Not Interested in being an “Expert”

5 Reasons Why Every Appreciation Should Matter to A Writer

The Evolution of a Night Writer

The Distance Factor…

7 Reasons Why I Do Not Vlog

Happy Reading!



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Vickey Maverick

Vickey Maverick


‘Ditch the Niche.’ This is a humble effort at providing short insights as also detailed narratives on an array of topics to those readers who like some variety