Lockdown fatigue is palpable, vaccine hesitancy is a reality and kneejerk reactions result in nothing. However, times are such that common sense has gone for a toss.

Protesters in Germany carrying a banner that reads Wir werden immer Mehr! (We become more and more!)

If Being Obstinate Is Perceived as a Problem Then Is Flexibility It’s Solution

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

It Took a Lot of Meticulous, Last-Minute Effort to Ensure the Year-End Holidays Weren’t Wasted as Was the Case Last Year

A view from the iconic Erasmusbrug in Rotterdam, Netherlands

…And That Habit of Doing So Regularly and Not Changing It

Photo by Abstral Official on Unsplash

…Is Restricting the Number Of Friends

Photo by Felix Rostig on Unsplash

…And the Reason Is Pretty Simple

Photo by Nicholas Bartos on Unsplash

From surprising musical choices to contrasting opinions to fictional characters to a retiring doppelganger the former German Chancellor’s farewell saga was as varied as her tenure

German job site StepStone anoints Merkel as Mutter der Nation [Mother of the nation] in this advertisement in the run up to the elections [Image used for representational purpose only]

From boarding at the Vredespaleis (Peace Palace) in Den Haag to alighting at the Delft Station it was a memorable journey

HTM’s eight-axle Gelede Tram Lang ( GTL8 ) en route from Delft to Den Haag in the Netherlands

What Will Be Your Instant Reaction to a Certain Wailing Sound?

Photo by Brian Wangenheim on Unsplash

Die Weihnachtsmärkte are back but with a major difference, thanks to the rising numbers and the Omicron variant

The historic Roncalli Christmas market at Hamburg’s Rathaus [Image used for representational purpose only]

Vickey Maverick

A non-conformist travel enthusiast and writer who is actually quite different. Someone who gets inspired by real life experiences and aspires to write few books

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