Everyone and everything deserves a second chance

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Nobody wants to miss out on making a great opening impression as it can often be the decisive factor in determining whether there will be a second chance or not.

If the first impression is not good, it can be a deal-breaker. A positive first impression, on the other hand, can help forge long-term associations.

The first impression is deemed critical. No matter how many times you meet people, they usually always associate you with the first impression you made on them.

As such, everyone attempts to make a good first impression. Therein lies the problem.

Look beyond the fake façade and you get to see the real picture. Then comes the realization that a first impression should never be the last. It is a long-term impression that matters in the final analysis.



…Then why is there so much hesitation to accept it

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It is something all of us are either aware of or get repeatedly told by others. Nothing will stay on forever. Things change with time and change is the only constant are lines we hear often.

That being said, there’s a tendency to resist anything that affects the status quo. It may be deliberate or done subconsciously but the inherent human behavior is to repel something that doesn’t conform to the prevailing norm.

Perhaps it has got to do with the fact that change comes at a cost, with few willing to pay. It may be attributed to the fact that most people, in general, are risk averse.

Whatever the reason, the reluctance to accept change, despite knowing it is inevitable, is, without doubt, the most peculiar of human habits.



Vickey Maverick

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