Vaccine availability, efficacy and hesitancy remains a huge concern everywhere even as the number of reported COVID cases are on the up

In such a scenario being cautious, following mask requirements, maintaining general hygiene and adhering to social distancing norms continue to remain applicable even to those who have been vaccinated

A noticeboard displaying the 3G model now applicable in most parts Germany. 3G is a uniform Covid health pass system which allows entry to many public spaces only to people who have been vaccinated (geimpft), have recovered from Covid (gensesen) or have been tested (getestet). Some states like Hamburg have also introduced a 2G option model [Image used for representational purpose only]

It is not over until the fat lady sings…so goes the proverb. In this case it was not over until the old lady stabbed.

Stabbed, as in the syringe.

Even as we checked in, as scheduled, to be administered the second shot of the coronavirus vaccine there were no…

The relaxation of rules, and the subsequent holidays undertaken by a majority of its population last summer, had undone all the good work Germany had done in its overall handling of the situation during the first wave of the pandemic

As another winter beckons there’s fear of a similar such spike even as the country’s premier health body believes the fourth wave of COVID-19 is already rolling through

A coronavirus mural at a German park [Image used only for representational purpose]

Even as the month of August comes to an end Germany’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic remains shrouded in ambiguity. …

It is the job of the media to present all the aspects of a story, and not take sides. But many outlets the world over, and the clientele that they cater to, do not understand the concept of grey

For them everything is painted in broad strokes, and in two colors — black or white. So objectivity is conveniently brushed under the carpet

A self-explanatory illustration by a cartoonist (signed below) [Image used for representational purpose only]

This is the best of times for liberals. This is the best of times to look at one side of the story, and completely neglect the other. This is the best of times to be prejudiced, to…

…it is difficult to discuss the country’s struggles in the right context. When the media is busy highlighting India’s mismanagement of the corona virus situation it conveniently forgets the fact that even the most developed of countries have struggled to control the pandemic, and their respective governments have been overwhelmed with the magnitude of the crisis

In these troubled times when countries with a few million people, and far superior medical facilities, have struggled to contain the virus imagine the plight of a country of 1.4 billion

This illustration by Kureel has been sourced from social media [Image used for representational purpose only]

It is on expected lines and there’s no element of surprise whatsoever. However…

This is exactly how it should be. It brings a renewed sense of hope, that you are doing your bit for your country of residence. That the money you pay for any product goes to a local manufacturer, benefits the economy of your country in the long run, and doesn’t strengthen external economies

A product in a German retail outlet makes it clear

In a meeting to discuss the export controls on the vaccines this April German Chancellor Angela Merkel lamented that the European Union had “allowed” India to become a major pharmaceutical producer in the world, while the industry has declined in Europe.

“The truth is we haven’t treated…

Stefan Edberg didn’t enjoy playing at the Flushing Meadows for many years. The discomfort reflected in his early results, rather the lack of it

However, when the Swede did win his maiden US Open trophy in 1991 it also marked the first occasion when he had won a Grand Slam title on a surface other than grass

Stefan Edberg, who won the US Open in 1991 & 1992, is preparing to serve [Image Courtesy Twitter (@usopen)]

In the final analysis the figures make for a better reading. About a third of Stefan Edberg’s 41 career titles have come on outdoor hard courts. …

The lead-up to the vaccination was a lot more excruciating and nerve-wracking

In the final analysis it was a momentary sensation, and the jab…err job was done with minimum fuss

[Image used for representational purposes only]

In the end it was only a pinch, a small prick, and the job was done. I had managed to take the first dose of the coronavirus vaccination. Correction. The doctor had successfully administered the first dose of the vaccine into my system.

Why so much brouhaha about getting a dose of the vaccine? You may think. Let me explain then.

There is a term for it. Trypanophobia. Yes, it…

In terms of tangible success and sheer variety of results achieved the Odense-born is the most complete player to have emerged from Denmark

Viktor Axelsen with his Tokyo Olympics gold medal [Photo courtesy @Olympics]

The dust seems to have settled down. The initial euphoria is long over. The palpable frenzy has since subsided. Now it is time to soak in the significance of a Danish success story, and revel about its magnitude.

To begin with the success part, Viktor Axelsen is now an Olympic gold medalist. The 27-year-old eased past Chen Long of China in the badminton final to become only the second Dane after (current BWF President) Poul-Erik Høyer Larsen…

Some of the biggest names ever have failed to have the desired impact, justify their favorite’s status and leave a mark at the Summer Olympics

The Olympic gold medal [Image used for representational purposes only (Courtesy: Twitter (@Tokyo2020)]

The Olympic Games is a great leveler. While on the one hand we get to witness athletes rising from relative anonymity to create history, on the other there are eminent athletes who fail to rise to the occasion.

As such, Olympics glory remains the lone elusive factor in their otherwise illustrious careers. …

Playing in front of a passionate home crowd, and carrying the burden of expectations on his shoulders, the Japanese let the occasion get the better of him

In failing to produce his best the world №1 not only made an early exit but has possibly bottled what could have been his best chance of winning the elusive single’s title at the quadrennial tournament

Kento Momota after his defeat [Image used for representational purpose (Source: BadmintonPhoto)]

The men’s singles competition in badminton at the Tokyo Olympics ensured both a surprise and a shock. To witness Heo Kwang-hee move directly from the group stage to the quarter-finals was a surprise. …

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